June 10 2018 - July 10 2018 10k Super Sweeptakes

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Follow these simple steps to receive a max of (2) entries

1. Register on Hollywoodcasino.com for (1) max entry

2. Once Registered, use the "Invite a Friend" feature for (1) max entry





Follow These Steps To Invite A Friend:

1. Invite a Friend feature only available on desktop

2. Login to your Hollywoodcasino.com account on your desktop

3. Click the "Invite a Friend" option at the top of the page

4. The friend you are inviting cannot be currently registered on hollywoodcasino.com

5. Once you submit their email address they will receive an email invite to register & enter promo code

6. Once the player is registered and promo code is redeemed you will receive the additional (1) Entry

7. If you do not have a desktop computer you can always view our terms & conditions below for an alternate method of entry




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