March 28 2018 - April 02 2018 Easter Egg Hunt

Join us now through Monday 4/2 for a Holiday Credit Hunt! We've hidden 10 special Easter eggs all around our site, can you find them all?


Each egg is worth 5K-500K free credits with a total of over 1M free credits to be won!

Collecting Easter eggs is easy. When you find an egg, simply click on the image (or button closest to the egg) , and you will be taken to our online game where your free credits will be added automatically. Please note that you must be logged in to redeem your credits.


Each egg can only be redeemed once, so have fun and keep track of the ones you've collected.


Some eggs are harder to find, so join us on Facebook all week long for clues and EVEN MORE FREE CREDITS!


 Here's a head-start! We've hidden egg #1 in the image above. Just 9 more to go.